Faiths in Thunder Rift

1. Asatru

The combined faith of the dwarves and Kleindiek. It is a worship of northern Immortals and heroic ancestors.

2. The Temple of the Sun

A faith imported to Thunder Rift by the Solumen of the southern kingdoms. It is a monotheistic faith, centering on their chief Immortal – Solus, the Eternal Sun.

3. Cults of Orog

The various orc hordes have all been brought together under their emergent Immortal, Orog the Conqueror.

4. Cults of Ravenous

The Gnolls of Gauntlin Forest are a savage breed, worshipping a horrific Immortal symbolised only by a collection of gory skulls. Ravenous is patron of ‘beastly desires’ and watches over such unsavoury acts as rape, slaughter, and cannibalism.

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Faiths in Thunder Rift

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