The Land

1. Lake Ostrel

Home of the Kleindiek and their settlements.

2. Farolas (the Iron Hills)

Dwarven hill-forts dot the region, many already lost to the orcs, a testament to the sheer numbers of the hordes. Still, some of the dwarven Danes have managed to hold firm against the invaders, although most strike a poor reflection of their former glory.

3. Melinir Region

Area around the north coast of Lake Ganif and extending as far north as the Melinir Hills and to the town of Torlynn to the east. Some homesteads in the nearby regions of the Grasslands also belong to colonist from “the White City.”

4. The Gauntlin Forest

A great forest covering almost half of Thunder Rift and home to reclusive elves, savage gnolls, spiders and more.

5. Brichtwood

The most beautiful of all of Thunder Rift’s woodlands, Brichwood is owned by no person, being wholly in the power of nature itself. The animals here are not shy of visitors, but will viciously attack anyone that commits violence within the Brichtwood.

6. The South

The region of land south of Lake Ganif and its marshes, noted for its shifting politics and many feudal states. The lords of these estates are commonly referred to as the ‘Robber Barons’ by the citizens of Melinir, since most of their rule is spend at war with their neighbours in attempts to seize more lands.

7. Grasslands

Large tracts of land covering the majority of the western half of the rift. A lawless frontier dotted with the homesteads of adventurrous settlers.

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The Land

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