The People

1. [[Danefolk: The Dwarves of Farolas]]
p(. The King of Hearth-Home rules the Iron Hills (Farolas) through his Danes – lords who enforce the Danelaw from their fortified hills. Although most of the dwarves of Farolas are committed to the defense of their homeland, some of the smaller and poorer clans that were unable to defend their farms from the orc hordes have moved to the safety of Melinir. These few are seen in poor light by the remaining Danes of Farolas and are now known as the Clanless.

2. [[Cymri: The Elves of Deepwood]]
p(. In the south-eastern heart of the Gauntlin Forest lies the home of the elven people. Those few elves found outside the Deepwood, Wanderers, speak little of their homeland and so little is known of their beliefs as a people. As a consequence of this most outsiders, although respectful of the elder race, do not fully trust them.

3. Kleindiek of Lake Ostrel
p(. Literally falling from the sky, the ancestors of the people around Lake Ostrel (the Kleindiek) fell from the top of the Plunging Cataract (known locally as Thunder Falls) into the lake. Saved by dwarven scouts, the Kleindiek told of a force in the north known only as the King of Winter and their struggle to escape his despotic rule. The dwarves gave to the humans the region around Lake Ostrel to farm, in return for a reasonable tax and defense from the goblins of the Burning Hills. Although this agreement still stands, it has been many years since the King of Hearth-home put his claim to the test.

4. Citizens of Melinir
p(. Founded by the Solumen, the White City is a growing metropolis that has already attracted immigrants from all corners of Thunder Rift. With white-washed walls and a position as the trading hub of the region, the citizens of Melinir have good reason to be proud. Overseeing all of this are King William and the Temple of the Sun, with the Silver Shields and Amnliel to enforce their interests.

5. [[Canto: The Halfling folk]]
p(. The halflings of the rift are a dispossessed people, having no lands of their own since the original orc hordes pushed them out of what is now the Burning Hills. Today, they constitute the only race that is only found in urban settings.
p(. Although the dwarves of Farolas would accept them, they simply do not have what it takes to survive in the Iron Hills. The elves appear too introverted to accept any outsiders, the Kleindiek have little land to spare, and Melinir simply does not allow “outsiders” to own land but does at least accommodate them their own quarter in the city.

6. Outlanders and Settlers
p(. Anyone not in one of the major settlements, such as the many homesteads throughout the Grasslands. In particular, most outlanders are assumed to be renegades and bandits to be found in the more remote regions of the rift, particularly in the lawless south.

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The People

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